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Source: Globe & Mail, 7-9-10

Obama’s ‘we’ philosophy collides with capitalism’s ‘me’

US President Barack Obama speaks on the economy and job creation  at Smith Electric Vehicles in Kansas City, Mo.

Business leaders accuse President of using failures of a few to justify expansion of government regulatory authority

…For McGill University political historian Gil Troy, Mr. Obama’s attacks on business put him well within a presidential tradition that goes back at least as far as Andrew Jackson in the 1830s. But they also betray his particular world view and a career spent entirely outside the private sector.

“Not only does Barack Obama lack corporate experience, but his defining experiences were as a community organizer, public interest lawyer and law lecturer,” Prof. Troy said in an interview. “That puts him ideologically, structurally and professionally in opposition to business.”

Mr. Obama, Mr. Troy continued, is “trying to convince Americans of the efficacy of government. He’s enough of a [Ronald] Reagan baby to know that is not necessarily the easiest sell to make. So, if [the economic crisis] is not a God-given opportunity, it’s at least a Goldman Sachs-given opportunity to make that sell.”…

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Source: The Canadian Press, 7-6-10

…Where presidents vacation is part of their story, said Gil Troy, a professor of American history at McGill University in Montreal.

Most U.S. presidents have a private summer home they use for vacation. George W. Bush had both his ranch in Texas and a home in Maine. The Kennedys had the famous Hyannis Port.

“There are definite dynamics connected to vacationing,” Troy said.

“Ronald Reagan was the oldest man ever elected president and he had to show that he was vacationing, not doddering.”…

But family dynamics help some leaders, says Troy.

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